Dr. Ulrich G. Randoll

Dr. Ulrich G. Randoll

Founder Matrix Rhythm Therapy

Matrix Rhythm Therapy (MaRhyThe) is a latest advancement in physiotherapy using the basic concepts of vibration and massage.

It was founded by Dr. Ulrich G. Randoll. It is directly derived from the clinical and fundamental video microscopic research of Erlangan University (Dr. Randoll) in 1990s. This treatment helps to activate and balance the normal physiological vibrations of the skeletal muscles and nervous system.

What is Cell Rhythm?

You will agree that there is movement in our body as long as we are alive. This movement is happening in harmony or in rhythm. For example heart is contracting and relaxing in specific frequency when this rhythm is lost we call arrhythmia then artificial pace maker is advised to regulate this movement.

What about the other organs and systems?

Your lung is contracting and relaxing, peristalsis (movement of digestive system) happening in rhythm and so on with every tissue, organ and system.

Inspired by this phenomenon Dr. Ulrich Randoll did research in cell biology and found, our cells oscillate rhythmically between 8-12 Hz. Because of this oscillatory movement it is possible for cells to get in fresh oxygen and nutrition and give away used waste products in extra cellular space called extra cellular matrix.

Extra cellular logistics means to get in fresh oxygenated blood and give away waste products which are possible if there is rhythmic movement of cells in extra cellular matrix.

This rhythm is disturbed because of various factors like infection, injury, toxins, allergy, chemical, electrical interference, psychological, emotional, stressful situations etc. Disturbance of rhythm at cellular level affects the extra cellular logistics causing accumulation of fluid, oedema, and swelling.

Because of reduced oxygen supply cells suffocate and contracts the tissue, what we see as stiffness and feel as Pain. Small initial complaint like pain and stiffness is the first sign of this change in rhythm. If not treated it becomes a serious problem.

Is Matrix Rhythm Therapy Safe?

Matrix Rhythm therapy delivers the physiological rhythmic pulsations.

  • MaRhyThe® is very safe therapy for all age groups, Safe for individuals with Diabetes, Hypertension. Matrix Rhythm therapy is safe during pregnancy. Matrix Rhythm therapy is safe even with orthopedic implant in the body. Special Non magnetic applicator is used for the patients with heart pace maker.

  • Matrix Rhythm Therapy is not recommended in conditions where there are chances of any embolism. You must provide detailed history about your health conditions and medicines you are taking to your therapist.

If you are planning to undergo a session of Matrix Rhythm Therapy you do not require any preparation.

There is no need of hospitalization or anesthesia.

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