Core Concept

This therapy stimulates the natural rhythm of the musculature and acts indirectly to regulate the processes coupled with it. As a result, the natural tissue vibration is restored and the cellular logistics are optimized.

But what happens during Therapy?

The Patient only feels relaxing pulsating oscillations. They will feel their muscles become soft and supple. Your stiffness gets reduced; there is significant reduction in Pain and improved range of movement.
There are no lights, rays, heat, etc.

Principle behind MaRhyThe®

When applied from the exterior, Matrix Rhythm Therapy has a lasting effect on the cell matrix as well as on the extracellular matrix.

With its resonator (Matrixmobil®) constructed for that specific purpose, the instrument brings about mechanical and magnetic vibrations according to the body’s own characteristic micro-vibrations.

Asymmetrical pressure on the tissue thereby leads to a simultaneous stimulation of the pump-suction-effect and a physiological stimulation of the neuron receptors. The body’s self-oscillation and that of the nervous system is each stimulated and restored. Thus, manifold essential metabolic processes occurring between the cell and the extracellular matrix can proceed.

Within a short time period, the metabolism in the affected region is restored back to normal.

In other words, employing rhythmic micro-extension, Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy affects cytological levels, thus causing a time rearrangement of cellular micro processes. This forms the basis for cyto-regeneration and healing in general.

The result is that the affected tissue (muscles, skin, tendons, etc.) becomes permeable and flexible and can again take part in the body’s recovery.

How does it differ?

Classic methods of physical medicine and rehabilitation also focus on the skeletal muscles. In contrast to Matrix Rhythm Therapy, however,
these methods mostly do not operate at a very deep tissue level.

Matrix Rhythm Therapy is deeply pervasive therapy.

By taking into consideration the latest research findings like the physiological pulsing of cells and the important role of the extracellular matrix, the great effectiveness of this method can be seen in the improvement of the structural quality of tissue by systematically re-establishing the quality of the physiological process.


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